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 It [travel writing] is an act of creativity in which the world is an empty page and I’m the pen scrawling looping, recursive lines across a landscape. The goal in each case is the same—insight, joy, euphony, vivid experience, visual excitement, sensuous delight, and discovery. Safer than alcohol, cheaper than heroin, it’s my method. —Michael Mewshaw, Travel, Travel Writing, and the Literature of Travel 

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Thank you for clicking on a very dignified link that someone sent you! Now let’s toss that dignity out the window and get a little dirty. I can’t send you a beer through your computer/phone screen (I’m not Willy Wonka) but maybe I can make you feel a little intellectually tipsy.

Click around, everything you touch will lead you somewhere new, and there may be a few hidden gems scattered around these pages. Join us on our adventure, and don’t forget to bring along The Dirty Suitcase.